Arlequina Nayar Celim Nayar Cosmetic Fair



Blowing me kisses ♪

 Click on photo or on Flickr to see there in the original size.

Hair : Magika Nine
Skin : the body co. Orchid (07 Tropez) - brown brows
Shape : Celim Nayar
Tattoo : Arlequina Nayar
Eyebrows : GoK- Soulja Slit Eyebrows @NEW
Lipstick : Pink Acid Dolly Lip Smack Lipstick V2 - Red @COSMETIC FAIR
Dress : RaMa RoWanberry - Studded Bralet Contrast Dress.
Watch : Vexiin Presidential Roley
Shoes : Mstyle ANI Pumps - Rosso

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