.tsg. [REVE] Angel Rock



Generation Love 

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Hair /Wasabi Pills/ Andrea Mesh Hair 
Shape : Arlequina Schweitzer
Skin : .tsg. Lumiere B :: Glam Barbie ::
Eyes : [REVE] Eyes Gift - Subscriber 1
Lashes : Angel Rock Fluffy J-Curl lashes
 Eye Make Up : Pink Acid Queen Bee Eye Makeup @Black Fair
Lipstick : Pink Acid Collagen Lips V2 - 8 Pack @fi*Friday
Tattoo face : OPS Provoccare Store - Diamonds Tattoo @SOON
Teeth : GoK- Gold Tooth Double Front Prim Add On

Piercing : Cute Poison - Stellar Piercings (unpacked) @SFW
Bag : Miss LT - May mesh bag Fatpack @New
Necklace : ((Crystal Line))"Love Earth" Necklace(wear) @New
Earring : ((Crystal Line))"Love Earth" Pierce(wear) @New 
Bracelet : ((Crystal Line))"Love Earth" Bangle A(wear) @New
Bracelet : ((Crystal Line))"Love Earth" Bangle B(wear) @New
Nails : **NOYA** ECLYPSE - Rouge Silver - VIP-Gift
Cell Phone : VCO - bunny phone (WM2)

Hoddie and Legging : NS::  Kawaii 4 Hoddie and leggins (mesh) @New
Boots : :: Miss Canning :: [ Divine Wedge Boots] 8 Colors HUD! @New

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